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BULLYING IN SCHOOLS: Issues and Intervention

Bullying is a widespread problem that can lead to devastating consequences. In order to address school-based bullying, we need an accurate understanding of the extent, nature and context of the problem. In this workshop, educators will gain an understanding of bullying – its definition, forms, dynamics, signs, causes and consequences. Effective, sustained approaches to prevention and interventions are a must. Participants will take away a wealth of ideas to address bullying at an individual, classroom and school level.


Cyberbullying is a rapidly emerging problem that can jeopardize the safety of students and staff. In this session, we will look at the forms, dynamics and impact of cyberbullying. There will be a specific focus on the unique challenges posed by cyberbullying - it is perceived to be anonymous, occurs 24/7, and extends to an infinite audience. We will also explore issues such as the school's role in responding to off-campus incidents, legal responsibilities, effective responses, and policy development. Finally, there will be a call for a collective effort between educators, students, and parents to address this allusive, ever-changing problem.


The promotion of a caring, respectful and safe climate is a priority for all schools. In this workshop we look at the factors that contribute to a safe school, including strong leadership, sound policy, the use of discretion, staff training, parental involvement and student empowerment. Participants will have many opportunities to examine cutting edge research, review effective practices, and discuss the issues, share and network.


Heightened concerns about violence in schools have led to the widespread implementation of zero tolerance policies. On an increasing basis the effectiveness of these policies is being challenged. Clearly, schools want to send a message that violence in schools will not be tolerated. At the same time however, responses to incidents require the use of discretion, allowing school personnel to consider the nuances of each situation and determine appropriate consequences. In this session participants have the opportunity to examine the complex relationship between policy and discretion.


Workplace bullying has detrimental effects on a personal and professional level. It is an insidious problem that can poison a learning and working environment. The distinction between bullying and harassment will be made; however, the session will focus primarily on workplace bullying. We will examine many dimensions of the problem – forms, dynamics, prevalence, causes, consequences, as well as steps to address it. Finally, our discussion will explore the building blocks to promoting respect and dignity in the workplace.


Increasingly, approaches to foster inclusion are being viewed through a positive mental health lens. Educators and researchers alike are recognizing the need to take a positive, strength based approach to nurturing students' emotional, social and academic development. By focusing on the inner gifts and strengths of all students, we are meeting the needs of our heterogeneous student population, and in turn providing opportunities for all children and youth to meet their full potential. In this session, we will explore evidence based and promising practices at the individual, classroom and school level that promote a caring, respectful, inclusive learning environment.


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